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Northern lights Aurora Network – Live Aurora Network

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Live Aurora Network - Northern lights Aurora Network アートワーク Northern lights Aurora Network
Live Aurora Network
ジャンル: 天気
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2019年10月8日

The Northern Lights! are unpredictable so we do not try to predict or forecast, instead we use our 13 specially made Aurora cameras in Lapland, Norway, Iceland, USA, and Alaska that are linked to a detection system a bit like face recognition, we send you real-time alerts when the majestic aurora is detected. You can either watch live in HD ad free or get directions to the show.

Set your alert level, Visible to the eye, Aurora moving slowly, or Sky's Alive.

Unlike all other alert apps in existence, which rely on NOAA ‘space weather’ forecasts that requires experience to use, and is often old data, Live Aurora Network sends out real time alerts based on what is actually seen in the sky, we send alerts based on the visual detection of aurora from our Network of Cameras. currently in Iceland, Norway, Alaska, USA, Sweden

Our unique algorithm not only detects the aurora borealis, but visually grades it based on the strength of the aurora. Users can choose the level they wish to be notified at so that they need only hit the road for displays they deem suitable.

All other top selling Aurora notification apps currently on the market are based on the global Kp index which runs from 0-9 and is based on magnetometers around the world. This is problematic for local aurora alerts, and not the most effective parameter for knowing when local auroral activity is highest.

Live Aurora Network pushes out alerts in real time, thanks to software designed to detect the colours of the Aurora, while grading the density and percentage of the sky that is showing the lights. This is especially helpful to find breaks in the clouds!

Also, in this app:
- HD live stream from every location
- Zoomable map of Iceland, Norway, USA, Sweden, Alaska with directions to our dark sky areas.
- Localized weather forecast at each location.
- Current Live KP rating
- Customisable alert level

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