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METAR Plot – Lakehorn AG

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Lakehorn AG - METAR Plot アートワーク METAR Plot
Lakehorn AG
ジャンル: 天気
価格: ¥150
リリース日: 2019年10月2日

METAR Plot for Apple Watch displays station models (plots) as well as raw METARs for most airports worldwide, using current METAR data. 

The app features two stations lists (toggle via force-touch): nearby and user-defined. While the entire station database can be used offline (to add station or lookup nearby station), an internet connection is required to load METAR data. Data is updated automatically whenever you open the app.

Preferences can be set for type of flight rules and units (visibility, temperature, and pressure). Options for observation time in LT or UTC as well as sort order of user list.

The app works completely independent from your iPhone and includes a complication for the Infograph Modular watch face)

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