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Page Monitor – Gabriele Finessi

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Gabriele Finessi - Page Monitor アートワーク Page Monitor
Gabriele Finessi
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2009年8月13日

By Page Monitor can automatically check whether the web pages you've configured have changed, if they are accessible or if they contain a specific text.

Enter the addresses of all the pages you want to check and let Page Monitor does so for you.

This small application can save you much time.

Use is easy:
* Enter the address of the pages you want to control or Cercal comfortable with the internal browser
* From the title of your choice to each page
* Enter any text you want to try to Monitor Page
* Save

To see if the pages are accessible or if you have been updated enough to deliver Page Monitor and audit will start automatically.


* Alert for change with notification
* Warn if the pages are not accessible
* Warn if the pages have been changed since the last time that you visit
* Warn if the modified pages contain a specific text
* Allows you to search URL using a convenient internal browser
* Show date and time of last modification detected
* Display the pages using Safari or internal browser
* Lets you configure a time for the automatic refresh (with app in foreground)

*Background functionality is not temporarily supported, the application works properly but notifications can't be guaranteed while the application is in the background.

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