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LandMeter – DIMENSION S.r.l.

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DIMENSION S.r.l. - LandMeter アートワーク LandMeter
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2009年1月15日

Call it inclinometer, call it clinometer, call it levels, call it whatever you like... But you don't have enough of them... There is still one missing...

LandMeter is the official inclinometer for all off-roads enthusiasts, 4x4 cars, trucks, jeep, landrover, and trailers.

Take control of your car pitching and rolling with your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with our dashboard accessory!

In this version:
- NEW: iOS 7 and 8 support;
- NEW: Sleek interface;
- NEW: Larger screen support;
- Landscape or portrait view;
- Day and night skin!
- Separate calibration for pitching and rolling;
- Disable automatic lock of your iPhone/iPod (in-car charger suggested);
- Numeric display for accurate pitching and rolling measurement;
- Set an alarm when you reach a certain inclination!
- Save your iPhone default calibration, you don't need to calibrate it every time you put it on your car dashboard!
- New "viscosity" features, for a better, realistic and precise movements!

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