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KEV: White Balance Meter – Satnam Singh

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Satnam Singh - KEV: White Balance Meter アートワーク KEV: White Balance Meter
Satnam Singh
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2020年1月30日

KEV app turns your iPhone or iPad into a professional and easy-to-use light meter. Using KEV app is as easy as pie, no sensor required, the camera already got you covered.

Minimalist KEV analyses live preview of the scene and gives you accurate white balance data in Kelvin.

Trying to get the perfect White Balance on your DSLR can be annoying. KEV helps you by letting you know what the White Balance should be.
You can measure the color temperature of a light source in Kelvin without having to spend hundreds of dollars on professional devices.

The white balance is a correction of color rendition to make the picture from the camera sensor as similar to the perception by human eyes as possible.

Functions and Capabilities:
• Gets you Color Temperature in Kelvin in real-time.
• Ability to compensate and calculate the white balance readings.
• Capture a snapshot with color temperature reading and location.
• Ability to manually focus on the scene and objects.
• Minimal yet integral point and shoot capability.
• A go-to light meter for photographers and videographers, saves time in post-processing your photos.
• Balance Color Temperature of the Ambient Light and Your Light Source.

Override the Auto-White Balance and choose settings yourself.

Watch these cool tutorial videos published by the KEV users:

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