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DefCall – Call Blacklist Block – WeiZi Liang

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WeiZi Liang - DefCall - Call Blacklist Block アートワーク DefCall - Call Blacklist Block
WeiZi Liang
ジャンル: ユーティリティ
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2016年9月17日

Best call blocker with wildcard rule and caller ID identify for iOS 11.

DefCall is an app that helps you defend against unwanted calls, including scam calls and telemarketing. In DefCall you can identify and block phone numbers. We collect phone number information from internet to help you recognize spam calls. You can block calls by a certain number or a wildcard rule. A wildcard rule can block multiple numbers at once.

Are you pestered by unwanted phone calls every day?
Are you bothered by telemarketing calls and robocalls every day?
Some spam calls even repeat several times, do you want to identify them clearly or even block them permanently?

----------- Features --------------------------
1 You can block numbers by wildcard rules.
2 Identify some telemarketing calls and robocalls before you choose to pick up or ignore them.
3 You can block any number by adding it to the block list.
4 If the spam numbers are not in the built-in database of the app, you can identify them by yourself.
5 We collection spam or scam phone numbers from public directories and update the number database periodically.
6 We respect your privacy. This app don't request access to your Contacts.
7 This app is not able to access any information about your incoming calls.
8 Manage a whitelist for blocked numbers.

Enjoy the call blocker which can block calls by wildcard rule!

Note: Some spam phone numbers are collected from public directories, so we can't verify every phone number, If we identify your phone number incorrectly, please contact us.

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