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RV Dump Stations – William Modesitt

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William Modesitt - RV Dump Stations アートワーク RV Dump Stations
William Modesitt
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥100
リリース日: 2017年7月10日

This app shows over 7,145 RV dump stations, most throughout the US. and Canada. Includes rest areas, truck stops, KOAs, campgrounds, RV parks and more.

Dump station locations are displayed even when offline!

NO SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED. A one time fee and that’s it.

Dump station information is obtained from crowd-sourcing and are therefore subjective in nature. What one person describes as working another may describe as broken.

- Location database is included with the app, so all locations are visible when offline.
- Filter what type of location to display. For example, list only free dump stations from the filter.
- Show a route between your location and the selected RV dump station.
- View the dump stations in list view; easily search the list.
- Get the local weather for the location.
- Internet searches and more for each location.
- Database updated approximately ever 30 days.
- Import routes from GPX files. This makes it much easier to find RV dump stations along a route you've created in another app such as Road Trip Planner.
- Send a dump station location to our app Road Trip Planner. This helps in routing your travels (requires separate purchase of the Road Trip Planner app).

We want to expand our RV dump station database as much as possible, so we have made it easy for you to easily submit a new RV dump station - simply tap the + button below the map.

To correct or update dump station information, tap “Location Comment” in the detail view. We will be updating the database often.

Due to the nature of dump stations constantly changing their status it's recommended you contact the dump station prior to using it to verify its existence.

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