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Munda Biddi Trail Guide – Find the Fun Pty Ltd

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Find the Fun Pty Ltd - Munda Biddi Trail Guide アートワーク Munda Biddi Trail Guide
Find the Fun Pty Ltd
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥2,200
リリース日: 2021年3月18日

Take this guide with you when riding the Munda Biddi Trail. It has all the information you need to both navigate and prepare for the Trail. It's built by local Western Australians who have ridden the Trail several times and LOVE bike packing!

The guide works 100% without needing mobile phone reception or Internet access. The offline maps are very detailed, show the Munda Biddi Trail, show where you are via GPS, and are marked up with huts, camping areas, places to get water, alternative accommodation and many points of interest. The App map shows you how many kilometres you are from places like huts and towns, and has an interactive elevation graph so you can see what hills are between you and places.

The App has advice on how to prepare for your trip, what gear to bring, what bike to ride and suitable food. It's a complete "how to do the trail" guide. It has many other features, photos and information, as described below.

- Very detailed offline maps. They ALWAYS work, even when mobile phone coverage and Internet are not available.
- The map is tuned to look great on a small phone screen and show details that a cyclist in the bush needs. You'll see details such as minor tracks and trails at zoom levels where most other maps hide them. So zoom out and tracks don't disappear from your map! This makes following trail redirections easy. And getting back to the trail if you lose it becomes trivial. Great for your safety and easier for you to navigate even with a tiny screen.
- The map has contour lines.
- Uses GPS to show your location on the map.
- The map has extra markers for huts, towns, camping areas, places where you can get food, attractions, swimming spots and other points of interest.
- Tap places on the map and be shown your distance from them along the track. See how far away that hut is!
- An elevation graph that you can zoom-and-swipe to see all the hills and valleys along the trail.
- The elevation graph shows your location and markers for towns, huts and other places. Do I have to ride up any big hills to get to that hut?
- Tap hut, town, camping and other markers on the map to get detailed information and photographs for those places.
- Includes a map showing places where you can get drinking water. And a map showing toilets along the trail.
- Has descriptions and pictures of each section of the Trail.
- Provides detailed information on paid accommodation options outside towns. For those who want a bit more luxury than camping!
- Has a trail overview, and information about the huts, drinking water, safety, weather, animals and history of the Munda Biddi Trail.
- Detailed advice and information on how to train for a multi-day trip, choosing a bike, when to ride, what gear you need and suitable food.
- Shows bike shops and other places that can supply bike parts or fix problems.
- Describes transportation options such as buses and companies that provide shuttle services.
- No mobile phone coverage or internet is needed for the App to work. Put your phone in Airplane Mode to save battery power and continue to use the App (your phone's GPS will still work in Airplane Mode).
- The App turns off GPS when the screen is turned off, so will not use phone power when you are not using it.
- The guide has loads of beautiful photographs of the Trail to inspire you!

You should never get lost because the maps always work and show you where you are, even when you stray from the Trail. The great detail on the maps make it easy to follow bush tracks and paths to get back to the Trail.

This App was built by a small Western Australian software company. We've ridden the Trail and have extensive bike packing experience. We're confident our Munda Biddi Trail Guide App will make your trip easier to plan, safer and more fun.

A portion of the earnings from this App are given to the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation.

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