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Hong Kong Taxi Translator – Suter Studios

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Suter Studios - Hong Kong Taxi Translator アートワーク Hong Kong Taxi Translator
Suter Studios
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥100
リリース日: 2011年6月23日

“The Hong Kong Taxi app is a very well designed and developed app that every Hong Kong, non-Canto speaking visitor or resident should, scratch that, must have.” - App of the week, Chatty Brains Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Taxi Translator is a powerful tool for finding and translating addresses in Hong Kong into written Chinese and phonetic Cantonese. The new version has a total of +7000 streets, residential areas, buildings, hospitals, beaches, parks, sports grounds, schools, shopping malls and sightseeing spots. With the possibility to add street numbers you can create flashcards for hundreds of thousands of unique addresses. No Internet connection is required (except for the map function) You can share favorite addresses and learn how to pronounce an address in Cantonese using the phonetic system Cantonese Yale.

Who uses this App?
Anyone living in, or visiting Hong Kong, that doesn’t speak Cantonese.

* Browse and search addresses
* Show flashcard for taxi drivers
* Show address on map
* Addresses in Chinese characters and phonetic Cantonese
* Save addresses in Favorites
* Share addresses
* Add your own street numbers
* No Internet required (except for map)

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