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English Picture Dictionary Pro – siarhei yatsuk

4月 21, 2022 | コメントは受け付けていません。

siarhei yatsuk - English Picture Dictionary Pro アートワーク English Picture Dictionary Pro
siarhei yatsuk
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥370
リリース日: 2020年5月11日

You do not know the languages but like to travel. Just type the words and show pictures. And everyone in the world will understand what you want. You can show pictures or any part of a picture. You want to order a pork chop and apple juice in a restaurant just type words 'chop pork apple juice' and show the pictures to a waiter.

English dictionary can show offline more than 2000 most popular English words and high-quality real pictures in 21 categories Food, Kitchen, Hotel/home, Animals, Essentials, Colors, Nature, Body, Medicine, Sport, Devices, Clothes, Transport, Mathematics, Construction, Musical instruments, Army, School, Professions, Actions, Places, and others.

Also, this is a good application to learn English words offline. You can see pictures linked to words, hear the pronunciation and memorize them.

You can switch on a mix of languages to learn the English language. So you will see the original and translated words.

Main features of our English dictionary with pictures:

1. Show all words
2. Show words by category
3. Show pictures for all words
4. Show pictures for selected words
5. Show current picture
6. Zoom in/out current picture
7. Search for the words
8. Listen to the word
9. Use a combination of languages
10. Translate offline without internet

Supported languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Indonesian, German, Polish, Bengali, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese simplified

(Ages 4+)

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