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Cross out calendars – Viktor Gavrilov

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Viktor Gavrilov - Cross out calendars アートワーク Cross out calendars
Viktor Gavrilov
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2018年9月2日

Create unlimited number of calendars of one of the following types:

Create your trips to one of 200+ countries.
Look on your past travels for the month or the year and remember great moments from it.
Cross out remaining days from calendar until your next adventure - cause at least half of enjoyment from any event comes from anticipation.
Long press on date to quickly add a new trip or add it in Travel list.

Not only vacation are worth of anticipation and waiting.
With this type of the calendar you will not only reap all the pleasure from anticipation, but also receive everyday joy from crossing out past days.
Birthdays, holidays, vacations, anniversaries - create calendars for everything!
Long tap on a date to set it as a key date.

This type of calendar will help you to develop new useful habits and destroy bad ones.

Information blindness and why it is important to fill out your good and bad days:
We live in a time, when most of the things are done automatically and without efforts: weighings upload in apps, habit streaks update with just one click.
As a result, we develop informational blindness for it and in a moment of temptation we have nothing to backup us. Some additional efforts could provide better results.
It is much harder to fill good day cell with green color and during this process you will be able to better grasp new information - that you sticked (or plan to stick) to the new habit one day more. This knowledge will help you through out your everyday life. By investing some time and efforts in coloring successful days you will build an additional obstacle for returning back to old routines - you would not like to erase your streak of success and invested resources in it.

Information about current and maximum streak will also provide additional motivation. Label with month result will help you to steak to your new habit, when you have some setbacks.
You could also deactivate any label in Options.

With this type you have no limitations - just an empty space for your imagination for all days till the end of the times.

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