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Camping Finland – Tommi Kivimaki

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Tommi Kivimaki - Camping Finland アートワーク Camping Finland
Tommi Kivimaki
ジャンル: 旅行
価格: ¥600
リリース日: 2019年6月6日

Find camping sites, overnight stays, national parks, wild camping spots, caravan shops and services near you.

The app guides you to:
- Camping sites 
- Wild camping spots
- National Park camping sites
- National Park parking areas where overnight stays are allowed
- Overnight stay parking (Stellplatz)
- Caravan and motorhome shops
- Caravan and motorhome services

The app calculates routes and shows distances and estimated travel times to destinations. It provides turn-by-turn navigation using Maps to guide you to your destination. Some sites have video and photos available.

If your holiday vehicle needs a service or you are missing some gear the app makes it quick and easy to find the shop or a service near you. It's like a safety net for your camping holiday.

The app knows all the caravan and motorhome shops and a large collection of caravan services around Finland. 

About privacy:
The app does not collect any information from you, it does not track you and it does not send any information to third parties.

Camping Finland's privacy policy

Happy travels!

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