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US Football 3D Playbook – Tactic3D

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Tactic3D - US Football 3D Playbook アートワーク US Football 3D Playbook
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2015年11月17日

Watch your playbook of your team in 3D on your iPad/iPhone with an infinity of points of views !
You can play the animation as if you were at your position.

Football 3D Playbook is an application to watch 3D football animations created with our another software dedicated to football coaches.

A real new 3D slate for the football players. Easier to understand than a drawing, better than a paperboard, faster to share than a usb key or a paperbook !

Slow down the animation, focus on the trajectory of one player.

Bring your playbook at home or on travel, watch your team tactics in the bus just before the game!

Perfect for young players ! Instead of using old magnetic slate, watch animations in 3D !

- first person view
- slow motion
- top view and a lot of 3D different views
- stop motion

Warning: This software must be used to watch 3D football animations made BEFORE with the software dedicated to the coaches. This software is only a viewer. You cannot create some content with this app, this app is dedicated to the players to watch the tactics made by their coach. By default, when you start the application, the app is empty and does not contain any tactics.

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