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ShootPro – Rennie Deguara

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Rennie Deguara - ShootPro アートワーク ShootPro
Rennie Deguara
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥1,500
リリース日: 2016年1月13日

ShootPro App is a combined Score Card that records the score while also measures the Apple Watch inbuilt Heart Rate during the round of shooting and integrates with the Health app. The Shoot Pro wrist companion allows you to monitor your shooting score and pulse rate readings while providing you with the knowledge you need to maintain and improve your shooting performance. Measurements are shown on a Score Board. The ShootPro wrist digital HR monitor records up to 25 HR readings. HR measurements are shown on a inbuilt HR chart.

1) Intelligent HR Optimum value calculation using heuristic analysis based on your best scores.
2) HR Graph.
3) Score Graph.
4) Score Board.
5) Target Statistics.
6) Heart Rate Statistics.
7) Combined HR Graphs and Target graph for correlation between HR rate and target analysis.
8) Age based optimum arousal levels.

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