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Graphate LLC - Rugby Coach Elite アートワーク Rugby Coach Elite
Graphate LLC
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2013年4月9日

Rugby Coach Elite is the most advanced rugby management app available. This app has many complex features and is designed for advanced users. Can import from Rugby Coach Pro (original version).

New Features:
- Export play animations as video .mp4 files
- Play Books (iPad only).
- New statistics to count the number of times a player has been substituted in.
- New Play Editor line marker styles

Organized in three main core functions: Play Editor, Team / Practice Editor, and Game Editor. The powerful Statistic Editor allows you to create custom advanced statistics and record them during the game.

** Play Editor - Create custom full screen plays:
- Animation
- Zones
- Player direction indicators
- Resizable and moveable field
- Line guides
- Create preset formations and templates
- Text boxes
- Play notes
- Air print plays with compatible printers
- VGA TV Out
+ More

**Export plays as:
- animation .mp4 files
- image .jpg files
- Rugby Coach Elite .gf9 files

** Team and Practice Editor - Manage your team and practices:
- Custom positions
- Depth charts
- Lineups
- Player injuries
- Player attendance
- Practice groups
- Custom practice
- Custom drills
- Itinerary is automatically generated
+ More

** Game Editor - Manage your team during games:
- Statistics editor
- Substitution editor
- View plays with subbed-in players
- Game events are logged.
+ More

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