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Rise – Archery Scoring Tracker – Campbell Affleck

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Campbell Affleck - Rise - Archery Scoring Tracker アートワーク Rise - Archery Scoring Tracker
Campbell Affleck
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥370
リリース日: 2019年6月25日

Rise is an archery scoring app that allows you to save and track scores and target faces for both indoor and outdoor archery. You can now put aside your notes app, or that long list of scores you keep, and track your progress with Rise. View in-depth information like arrow averages, scoring time, arrow spread, and number of hits for all of your scoring ends. Start a practice session with either a target face to save your arrow grouping, or simply an arrow counter to track how many arrows you shoot that day. Visualize your shooting history with charts and statistics for your overall history and individual rounds, and compare your stats between rounds.

1. Scoring
• Type in your arrow scores with color coded text scoring
• Plot your arrows on a zoomable target face and let Rise score them
• Targets supported: USAA recurve single spot, compound single spot, triangle 3 spot, and vertical 3 spot target faces; NFAA single and five-spot; World Archery field spot; Black and white field spot
• Inner ten and inner eleven option available on all USAA target faces
• Input your own distance when practicing
• Create your own custom round made up of 1 or more rounds, each with a custom distance, arrows per end, and number of ends value
• Arrow counter mode, with the option to specify distance
• Practice mode for plotting arrows so you can focus on form without the distraction of a running score
• Autosave feature so that you can resume your session from where you left off if you accidentally close the app

2. History
• Track your entire shooting history with Rise, including scoring rounds, tournaments, practice sessions, and arrow counts
• Group scoring rounds together for tournaments, and view all of the rounds in a group together, along with your group total and average score
• Get scoring breakdowns for each scoring round with end totals, running totals, average arrow score, number of hits, total time elapsed, and arrow spread if scored on a target face
• Visualize statistics for each scoring round and grouped round with round-specific calculations and charts
• Save your arrow spread for all recorded practice sessions
• Rounds where you PR'd are marked with a trophy symbol
• Add notes to your saved rounds to track any form changes, shooting conditions, injuries, etc.
• Edit the names, dates, and times of any of your saved rounds
• Export PDF scoresheets of your saved rounds
• Export a CSV for each round with all of its data
• Export a CSV with the data for your entire shooting history

3. Profile
• Add your archery goals to the goals list so you can keep yourself on track with whatever you want to improve upon
• Customize your profile by adding your name, shooting style, and a profile picture
• Create multiple loadouts for your different setups or bows, apply them to history items, and view loadout-specific statistics
• Create tags as a convenient way to mark completed scoring and practice sessions with important shooting factors like "Rain", "New Arrows", "Injury Recovery", etc.

4. Settings
• Set your preferred distance unit to either metric (meters) or imperial (yards)
• Quickly email Rise support to suggest a feature, report a bug, or ask for help with the app
• Access the Rise Archery Facebook page for more Rise-related news and updates
• Access the Rise support page to support development
• Switch between light and dark mode

Rise is the most visually appealing and intuitive archery scoring app on the App Store today, and will help you progress to the next step in your archery career.

Rise is constantly growing and I'm committed to improving your scoring experience with timely updates and new features! If you have any questions or want to suggest a feature, please email me at, or follow the Facebook page, Rise - Archery Scoring.

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