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RangeFinder for Deer Hunting – Phairin Chailert

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Phairin Chailert - RangeFinder for Deer Hunting アートワーク RangeFinder for Deer Hunting
Phairin Chailert
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2018年10月23日

Make the perfect shot deer hunting using this phone rangefinder! Or use this rangefinder at the shooting range, for archery, or for simply shooting on the farm!
Range Finder allows you to estimate the distance from you to that prize buck.
This Range Finder is perfect for rifle and bow hunters that wish to improve their chance of success in the field.
Simply point the crosshairs at the base of the object you want to find the range for and the yardage will instantly show on your screen.
Great for estimating distances of approximately 40-60 yards.
- Range finder overlay of the distance from your current location to target and visualize your shot range
- Easily set your current height above ground for range estimations
- Significantly more cost effective compared to expensive store bought range finders
- Yardage to object clearly indicated on screen with this range finder
- Metric units, if you wish to use metric units do so as you may:)
- Distance continually updates as you check ranges with this range finder for hunting
-Size up your target and even save the photo!
- Never forget your rangefinder at home again, you always have your phone rangefinder with you!
- Impress your hunting buddies by sharing photos of the range measurement and size of your prize buck.
-The most innovative hunting rangefinder!

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