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RaceChrono Pro – RaceChrono Oy

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RaceChrono Oy - RaceChrono Pro アートワーク RaceChrono Pro
RaceChrono Oy
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥2,200
リリース日: 2017年3月2日

RaceChrono Pro is a versatile lap timer, data logging and data analysis app designed especially for use in motorsports, replacing your traditional lap timers and data loggers. The RaceChrono Pro app also enables you to record videos and overlay them with the logged data.

RaceChrono apps have a strong following, currently over 100000 active users. If you look around at pits during your race or track day, chances are that you’ll see someone using RaceChrono. Even many professionals, such as factory test drivers and race driving instructors, are known to use this app! No matter whether you ride motorbikes, drive go-karts or cars, on closed circuit or special stage tracks – this is the motorsports app for you.

RaceChrono Pro has following major features:
• Lap timing with sectors and optimal lap
• Track library of over 2000 pre-made race tracks
• Custom user defined circuit and point-to-point tracks
• Smoothly scrolling data analysis with synchronised graph, map and video
• Predictive lap timing and time delta graph
• Hardware accelerated video export with configurable data overlay
• Multiple camera recording and picture-in-picture video export
• Video recording using internal camera
• Remote control of GoPro® HERO 2, 3, 3+, 4 and 5 cameras ¹⁾ ²⁾
• Linking and synchronising video files from almost all action cameras
• Support for external GPS receivers; currently VBOX Sport, Dual XGPS150, Dual XGPS160 and Garmin GLO, or any GPS that is supported by iOS location services
• Support for OBD-II readers; currently Kiwi 3, OBDLink MX Wi-Fi and or any ELM327 based Wi-Fi OBD-II reader
• Support for Bluetooth LE heart rate monitors
• Unlimited session length, good for 24 hour races
• Session data export in .ODS (session summary for Excel), .NMEA, .VBO and .CSV formats

¹⁾ Only available on iOS 10 and newer
²⁾ This product and/or service is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any way associated with GoPro Inc. or its products and services. GoPro, HERO, and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc.

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