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Millisecond Reactive Training – andrea spina

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andrea spina - Millisecond Reactive Training アートワーク Millisecond Reactive Training
andrea spina
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥12,000
リリース日: 2023年9月13日

Improve your reaction time. Unlock your true potential and become a champion in your sport with the Millisecond App, powered by the revolutionary Coordinabolic Method. Developed by Prof. Salvatore Buzzelli, this scientifically-backed training approach has helped numerous top-level athletes achieve extraordinary results – and now it's your turn! Shave milliseconds, gain victories: Master the art of quick reactions. The Millisecond App is perfect for all situational sports, rehabilitation, fitness, neurology therapy, or simply for those who want to train their reactivity with a set of simple and effective exercises.
Millisecond App offers an array of stimulation profiles tailored to various cognitive difficulty levels, ensuring a personalized training experience. From simple directional cues to complex letter or number decoding, you'll be challenged in ways that mirror real-life scenarios in sports like tennis, boxing, or soccer.
Engage your senses with auditory and visual exercises designed to sharpen your cognitive skills. The Millisecond App even features the challenging STROOP profile, where you'll tackle the incongruity between words and colors, pushing your mental agility to the limit. Hone your reflexes with the Sigma Test, Simple and Complex Reaction Test, expertly crafted to assess and boost your capacity to react swiftly and precisely to diverse stimuli. These tests work synergistically to elevate your performance to new heights.
With the Millisecond App and Coordinabolic Method, you're only limited by your imagination and creativity. Commit to a scientifically-proven training approach and watch your athletic performance soar. Download Millisecond App today and embark on your journey to becoming a true champion!

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