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株式会社S-CADE - JumpEye アートワーク JumpEye
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥500
リリース日: 2019年8月9日



カメラロール内のスローモーション動画を読み込む際は、事前に”写真アプリ”から、 読み込む動画を選択し、再生画面で右上に表示される「編集」ボタンをタップします。


JUMP EYEは跳躍時間から跳躍高を計算するために作られたアプリです。

1. アプリを開き、選手の足にフォーカスを合わせます。
2. 垂直跳びをスローモーション機能で撮影、もしくはフォトライブラリから動画を読み込みます。
3. 動画を再生し、手動でコマ送りをし、離地と接地の瞬間を見つけ、「スタート」と「ストップ」を押します。
4. 跳躍時間から自動で跳躍高を計算します。



◆Attention on using slow videos in the camera roll◆

The playback speed of slow videos saved in the camera roll will be edited to normal speed forcibly instead of slow at the beginning and the end of the video. If you load the video as it is, the playback speed at the beginning and end of the video will not be slow in JumpEye as well, so you will not be able to measure the video accurately.

To fix this issue, go to the Photos app, select the video you want to import and tap the Edit button in the upper right corner of the playback screen.
The barcode white lines displayed at the bottom of the video on the edit screen will be narrower at the left and right edges than at the center.
By widening the spacing between the rightmost and leftmost white lines, you can slow down the playback speed of all of your videos.
After editing, please load the video in JumpEye for measurement.

In addition, if you can not start the camera application in JumpEye, please open the settings application and search "JumpEye" in the search window.
Tap "JumpEye" in the search results, you will go to the privacy settings screen of JumpEye.
After that, please give permission for all photos, microphone, camera.

□General Information□
JUMP EYE has been developed to calculate the vertical jump height by using the flight time.
Use your iPhone's high-speed camera to measure the flight time during a vertical jump.

1. Open JUMP EYE and adjust the camera’s focus on an athlete's feet.
2. Simply record videos of a vertical jump using Slo-Mo (120/240 fps) or import the ones you want from the Photo Library.
3. Once we playback the video, we have to then manually go through frame by frame to identify and mark the takeoff and landing frames (press “start” and “stop”).
4. The formula then automatically calculates the duration of the flight and the jump height.

□Main characteristics□
・Videos are given an automatic file name (hh:mm:ss), which can be edited by holding down on the icon for one second, then we can rename or delete the file.
・After marking the frames, the jump height is automatically labelled after the file name.
・You can also import movies from the Photo Library.
・Manual focus makes feet and floor easily identifiable and precise.
・You can playback the movie in 3 ways (manual slider, frame by frame, and 10 frame mode).
・The pinch-to-zoom feature is available.
・The Rebound Jump Index (RJI) can be calculated by continuous jumping (press “RJindex”).

The equation to calculate jump height is justified only if the center of mass height is the same at takeoff and landing. Therefore, if you land on the ground in a crouched position, your jump height will be overestimated.

© © Hikaru Ono,Daichi Yamashita