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inGameStats Hoops – Diego Prados

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Diego Prados - inGameStats Hoops アートワーク inGameStats Hoops
Diego Prados
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥1,720
リリース日: 2017年3月15日

inGameStats Hoops is the best solution to track your basketball team stats!

inGameStats is a complete app which will allow you to take stats from all the teams you want. Team level doesn't matter, you can use it from your children's team to a professional team. inGameStats allows to take stats in an attractive, simple, and intuitive way.


- Track both teams or your team only
With inGameStats you have the option of taking stats from just one of the teams or from the two teams of the game, because you don't always care about the other team's stats.

- Add old games
With inGameStats you can add the stats of old games in an easy and quick way, just selecting the team or teams involved and adding to each player the quantity of each statistical category. No more game stats lost in old papers!

- Unlimited teams
You can take statistics from all the teams you would like to and also edit their players anytime you want. Each team can also have an unlimited number of players, and you can add a photo for each player so that it can be easier to select them during the game!

- Complete stats
You will be able to record all the different stats that a basketball player can do on the court and check them anytime, during the game or when the game has ended.

- Shooting charts
Each time a player takes a shot, you can place that shot on the court, and the app will show you detailed shooting charts by player and by team, including failed shots and made shots.

- Play by play
While you'll be taking stats, you will always have available a list with all the plays of the game, where you can also delete actions in case of a mistake while taking them.

- Tournaments
Create your tournaments in order to assign your games to them so that you could get more precise stats or your favourite team or player.

- Average Stats
With inGameStats you can get average stats of your team or a player filtered by rival, if it was playing as the home team or as a visitor, by date or by tournament.

- Very configurable
Set the number of quarters in which you want to split the game, their duration, if you want overtime and their duration, the max fouls number per player and if you want to use clock or not in the game.

- PDF and CSV Stats
In addition to storing you stats in the app, you will be able to export them to a PDF file or to a CSV file in order to send them by email, print them or open them with any installed app in your iPhone or iPad that can read PDF or CSV files.

- iCloud Storage
It doesn’t matter if you register your stats on your iPhone or iPad, they will be available on both devices automatically (if they use the same Apple ID).

- Multi-language
inGameStats is available in english, spanish and french.

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