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LION DOG APPS LIMITED - FEI Dressage アートワーク FEI Dressage
ジャンル: スポーツ
価格: ¥2,400
リリース日: 2018年3月9日

** This 2022 edition includes all FEI Dressage tests (NOT Eventing or Para Dressage, please see the "All Tests" edition for those) **

-- Created by Dressage people, for Dressage people --

TestPro was inspired by watching riders using different techniques to learn their tests, then further developed to help riders and trainers with test riding and as a pocket competition companion.

Tests, Rules and PDFs are built-in, an internet connection is not required to view them once TestPro has been downloaded and installed.

We add new features all the time and update tests and rule books whenever changes appear.

This version of TestPro includes all active FEI Dressage tests, kept up to date:

- Draw your test with your finger, TestPro autocorrects if you go wrong
- Step forwards or backwards through the test movement by movement
- Play the test from any point, set the playback speed
- Listen to the test being read
- Bluetooth to a headset or speaker and ride to the test, change pauses to suit your horse
- Scroll through diagrams of all the movements in the test with Directives and Marks
- Check the official PDF
- Draw your Freestyle test movements
- Search the Rules for phrases or key words, or jump to any page in the index

-- For riders and coaches --

- All the tests in your pocket, all the time
- Focus on learning specific movements or groups
- See the shape and symmetry of the test
- Check movement accuracy to the nearest 1m
- Challenge yourself to complete the test without hints
- Do a 10 second tap-through just before you enter the arena
- Check the directives and marks to develop your strategy for maximising scores

REALLY knowing the test gives you the confidence to focus on your ride - and having a good time!

-- Your horse deserves it! --

You invest a lot in training your horse and getting to competitions, TestPro will help you ride accurately and maximise your marks.


DRESSAGE (39 tests)

2022 Seniors: PSG, Intermediate I, A, B & II, Short Grand Prix, Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special
2022 Grand Prix 16-25
2022 Young Riders Prelim, Team, Individual
2022 Juniors Prelim, Team, Individual
2022 Pony Prelim, Team, Individual
2022 Children Prelim A, Prelim B, Team, Individual
2022 Young Horses 4 year old Test, 5, 6 and 7 year old Prelim, 5, 6 and 7 year old Final, 8-10 year old Grand Prix
2022 Regional Games: Prelim, Team and Individual
2022 Freestyle: GP, Intermediate I, Intermediate A & B, Young Rider, Junior, Pony - with drawing arenas to help you design your tests

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