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Tweaks for Twitter Mobile – Jeff Johnson

12月 24, 2021 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Jeff Johnson - Tweaks for Twitter Mobile アートワーク Tweaks for Twitter Mobile
Jeff Johnson
ジャンル: ソーシャルネットワーキング
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2021年9月20日

Tweaks for Twitter is a Safari extension that improves the user interface of in many ways. Tweaks is made by indie developer Jeff Johnson. If you need support, please email me at or read the support site at

Tweaks makes Twitter better in Safari by removing these annoying elements:
• Promoted tweets
• Messages drawer
• Trends
• Who to follow
• Topics to follow
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Hover cards
• What's happening?
• This Tweet is unavailable.
• Explore
• Bottom bar when logged out

If your Twitter account has no switch to select "Latest Tweets" at the top of your timeline, Tweaks forces the missing switch to appear!

Tweaks also unsticks the title at the top of the Twitter window, making it scrollable.

Tweaks replaces shortened URLs in tweet links with the real unshortened URLs, allowing you to bypass Twitter's click tracker. (This feature does not work for Twitter cards or user profiles.)

Tweaks has options to disable the new Twitter "Chirp" font and to swap the colors of the Follow and Following buttons.

Tweaks also has an option to automatically expand "Show replies" in conversations! (This currently works only with English, German, and Spanish display languages on Twitter.)

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