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Spring mini for Twitter – Junyu Kuang

4月 16, 2022 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Junyu Kuang - Spring mini for Twitter アートワーク Spring mini for Twitter
Junyu Kuang
ジャンル: ソーシャルネットワーキング
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2020年5月31日

Spring mini is a Twitter client for iPhone, features fast performance, truly native design and a highly customizable user interface.

Compare Spring and Spring mini
• Spring supports iPhone, iPad and Mac while Spring mini supports only iPhone
• Spring and Spring mini share the same feature set on iPhone
• Spring mini can be run on an iPad in compatible mode, with no iPad optimized features like Column View, Drag & Drop and Multi-Window mode

Tab Bar
• Pin your frequently visit pages to the tab bar (for example, a Twitter List, search result list or user homepage)
• Drag tabs into the order you prefer
• Rename your tabs
• Change your tab icons (more than a thousand of icons for you to choose)
• Show/hide tab names and button shapes

Accent Color
• Configure different Accent Colors for Light and Dark mode
• More than 10 build-in colors for you to choose
• Design and set custom colors

Theme Editor
• Customize the app’s color scheme
• Design and set custom themes for Spring
• Advanced color settings allow you to customize the colors such as text color, link color and background colors for different level of views

Font Customization
• Configure different fonts for body text and headings
• Select from a variety of build-in fonts
• Supports custom fonts installed by third-party apps

User Notes
• Privately set aliases, notes and username colors for other Twitter users
• User Notes list: browse, organize and edit all your notes in one place

• Spring does not collect any personal information
• Your account tokens are protected by on-device Keychain
• Your network connection to Twitter is protected by HTTPS
• Links you opened are not shared with Twitter
• GIFs you selected are not shared with Giphy, the GIF content provider

Other features:
• Full Screen mode let your timeline content fill the entire screen once you start scrolling
• Tweet Actions customization
• Mute List filters out unwanted tweets and users
• Search tweets on the Timeline
• Adjustable text spacing
• Adjustable and adaptive text sizes
• Two layout styles: Tiled and Card
• Option to display Tweet Source on timeline
• Link Preview on the Timeline
• Customizable Link Preview experience
• Customizable text translation experience
• Automatic video and GIF playback on the Timeline
• Supports selecting different app icon
• Edit button and toolbar on your personal Following page, which allow you to select multiple following people, then Add to Lists or Unfollow at once
• Tweet Filters: filtering based on predefined tweet categories
• Show reading progress on Timeline
• Optionally place a Compose Tweet button on the bottom tab bar (Settings > Tab Bar > Compose Button)
• Settings to export or import your custom settings/preferences
• GIF picker for Direct Message
• Open in Spring (Action extension): open Twitter links via Spring. Available on Share sheet when you share text and/or links
• Autocomplete for Tweet Composer
• User Picker view for Tweet Composer allows you to search users and fill their @ name into the tweet you’re composing

Customer support:
• Twitter: @theSpringApp
• Email:

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