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SocialFocus: 気が散るものを隠す – Yevhen Tretiakov

3月 05, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Yevhen Tretiakov - SocialFocus: 気が散るものを隠す アートワーク SocialFocus: 気が散るものを隠す
Yevhen Tretiakov
ジャンル: ソーシャルネットワーキング
価格: ¥400
リリース日: 2022年12月24日

This Safari extension will become an assistant in your pursuit to control the time we spend every day in infamous time-sinks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and Gmail.

We all know how distracting and engrossing these sites can be, but blocking them totally is also not a feasible option since they do provide some really useful content.

We have identified those parts in each of these websites that grab our attention and serve us unlimited content all day. This extension enables you to hide each of these parts selectively.

NOTE: This extension does NOT work with the apps, it works only for websites while using the Safari browser.

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