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Corner Software - Folktells アートワーク Folktells
Corner Software
ジャンル: ソーシャルネットワーキング
価格: ¥730
リリース日: 2020年6月18日

Social media, email, messaging, video calls... it's hard for some seniors to keep up, making it too easy to get left out and feel disconnected. Folktells is designed for seniors and their families & friends to make it easy to stay in touch and share special life events.

Folktells helps break down the technical barriers that leave seniors behind, enabling everyone to stay involved by delivering the benefits of a connected world, simply, without the confusion.

* simple main screen displays the current date & weather, upcoming events, a noticeboard & most importantly, a featured items area.
* the featured items area shows a rotating set of randomly chosen story albums - the ever-refreshing nature of this area attracts attention & invites the nearby person to click on an item to experience the photos and stories.
* stories about photos & videos are pulled from the local photo gallery albums and from iCloud and Google Photos shared albums
* upload your photos to a shared album from wherever you are so that they can be enjoyed by your loved ones
* create stories about the albums that can be enjoyed again and again
* if your loved one has trouble using tech, you can set up stories to play at scheduled times of day - all your loved one needs to do is say 'yes' when asked if they want to enjoy a story
* run Folktells in Guided Access mode with the screen always on so that your loved one can always see it and can't close it by accident
* manage your loved one's upcoming events in a shared online calendar so they always have their schedule visible
* set up the noticeboard with hard to remember information like phone numbers, tv channels and more
* track engagement in the stories through usage stats
* all features above are available with no ads and no extra purchase
* available in English & French

Accessibility Optimizations:
* voice commands to respond to app events
* simple mode to reduce information complexity
* reads stories aloud so you can focus on the photos
* uses large fonts by default and supports larger fonts
* optimized for VoiceOver

Optional (in-app purchase):
Share Plan
* create a connected group of your family & friends with a Folktells Share plan
* voice & video calls with no time limits
* create and edit stories from anywhere about shared online albums to share with loved ones you can't see in-person
* launch and share an album with a loved one remotely, guiding them through the photos/videos while you tell the story by video call

Share + Messaging Plan
* all of the above, plus:
* get a Folktells phone number for a senior so they can receive text & photo messages from anyone so they never miss out on the in-the-moment excitement (Canada, UK, USA only)

* Easy to use
* Simple one screen display
* Many features work without an Internet connection
* Helps users not get lost, automatically returns to the home screen
* Use in guided access mode for easily confused people
* Works in split screen mode
* Dark mode support
* Shows the current date, time & weather
* Highlights the next event in your calendar

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