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English Hebrew Sentences – Thi Uyen Dao

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Thi Uyen Dao - English Hebrew Sentences アートワーク English Hebrew Sentences
Thi Uyen Dao
ジャンル: 辞書/辞典/その他
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2020年12月1日

This application provides English - Hebrew sentence dictionary.

This application is designed to help you learn bilingual English - Hebrew sentences with spaced repetition flashcards.

Spaced repetition learning is proven to improve your ability to learn and retain information.

● Spaced repetition flashcards
- Use flashcards to learn bilingual sentences
- Put a card into skip list or master list
- Tap a card to see its detailed information
- Mark a card as "hard", "good", "easy"
- Hard flashcards are shown more frequently, good and easy flashcards are shown less frequently over time in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect.
- Schedule: view cards scheduled on a date
- Statistics: showing your progress

● English - Hebrew sentences
- Over 163655 sentences including daily conversations, academic sentences, etc.
- Hebrew translations by Hebrew speakers
- English audio by English speakers
- Hebrew audio by Hebrew speakers
- Built-in dictionary: Long-press a word to look it up
- Bookmark feature
- Voice search
- Search feature: search English sentences or search Hebrew sentences
- Learn 10 entries daily
- Share, copy sentences

● Sentence Lists
- Create custom lists
- Add sentences into a list
- Review a list

● Notes
- Write notes for each sentence
- Review your notes

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