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A330 System Reset Pro – Nemanja Dimitrijevic

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Nemanja Dimitrijevic - A330 System Reset Pro アートワーク A330 System Reset Pro
Nemanja Dimitrijevic
ジャンル: 辞書/辞典/その他
価格: ¥1,500
リリース日: 2024年2月28日

ECAM Fault msg or SYS can be used for search reset procedures in the app. This is a stand-alone app, You will NOT need internet connection to use it.

In application, You will find: Configuration of A/C (prior reset), circuit breakers (CB) and/or push buttons (PB) to reset, time needed for SYS to reset, AMM reference for sign off in ALB (ATL), and MEL reference for A/C dispatch.

SEARCH field is added in the app, to speed up the process, and find answers for certain problems. Use it like a professional and prevent aircraft delay.
USE ONLY for A330 A/C.
Learn how to quickly solve problems, system errors and faults.

The line maintenance (base) personnel and pilots can use it, with caution, following Airbus and operator’s manuals.
MCC support and approval if required.

ECAM Reset app is intended to be reference guide and training support only, NOT substitutes to manufacture and operator’s manuals. Use it with caution, at your own risk. System reset involves turning systems OFF/ON, with the aim of restoring it to its normal functioning. This action is called “Recycling”. System reset is different from re-engaging a tripped CB. In this case You must follow Airbus and Operators procedure before turning it back to close.

Use App on the ground only. If there is no reset procedure available in the System Reset table of the approved FCOM/QRH associated with the malfunction or ECAM alert encountered, the flight crew must not attempt a reset. This app must NOT be used by pilots, especially in flight.

MMEL reference is used in the app. Approved operator’s MEL MUST be used for aircraft dispatch. Some MEL may require maintenance and/or operational action. It is important to perform maintenance action for required MEL, before A/C dispatch.

MEL can be different from the one in the app, and it is different from one to another operator. It is not the same MEL for A/C in Turkish Airlines and Air China or Delta Air Lines.
Saudia, Cathay Pacific, Brussels Airlines or Aeroflot, no matter what company - use only approved documentation, info in app are only for reference.

AMM reference is used in app. Use ONLY updated AMM, of related A/C Eff for Aircraft Logbook sign off.

Make special attention to put back A/C to NORMAL or configuration before reset (HYD power OFF or ON, SYS P/B OFF or ON …)

There is possibility that you will find some CB’s for reset that are not applicable on specific A/C. The main reason is that (on A330 family A/C), there is small difference for SYS CB’s between A/C's. In this case You should use CB’s, from the list, that are present and ignore others from list in app. For example- CIDS reset procedure.

In addition, in some cases after reset, the system will only change the used channel; FAULT will not be present on ECAM but still exist. For example, after resetting ECAM FAULT: ”BRAKES N/WS MINOR FAULT” with A/SKID-NWS switch reset (on L/G panel), SYS will change to another channel (BSCU Channel). In this case, You must check -can You dispatch aircraft, It is good practice, in situations like this, to fill in the Aircraft Log Book that reset is performed.

It is important to perform troubleshooting and check why errors occur. In some cases, when there is a real problem with the system, this app will not fix it, but You can use it for FAST fixing spurious messages and when SYS is temporary U/S due to various reasons.

This app is not connected with Airbus. The specific conditions for each SYS reset may not be described by the app and the information can be inaccurate and out of date. Therefore, apps must not be used in the real situation, only as reference to speed-up searching process and/or for training purposes. The user must take full responsibility for using it.

Feel free to contact us via email.
Thanks for feedback (for all App’s), from friend from AirAsia X, Korean Air, Air Canada, Aer Lingus, Virgin, Alitalia and others.

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