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Surfed EMM History & Bookmark – HOsy – intelligent software.

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HOsy - intelligent software. - Surfed EMM History & Bookmark アートワーク Surfed EMM History & Bookmark
HOsy - intelligent software.
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥2,500
リリース日: 2023年8月22日

Surfed, your new Safari history and bookmark manager and browsing statistic tool.

Your Safari browsing history with a powerful search.

Surfed stores the browsing history of all visited websites in Safari. This allows Surfed to search the history using a variety of metadata and thus find the desired web pages faster and more accurately.
Record the history allows you to create dynamic lists of visited websites, statistics of browsing activities and get an accurate overview of all sessions.

# Collections
Create smart lists from your browsing history or tags.

Collections are smart lists that can use multiple filter terms and conditions to find the desired web pages.
The setup is simple and can contain an unlimited number of AND/OR relations. There are a variety of search fields for this.
Collections can show either an individual search history or the web pages grouped together.

# Tags
Tag your websites and find it easier.

Web pages in Safari or links imported from third party applications can be tagged with one or more tags and are later discoverable under the tag. Tags can be found via list search, global search and via iOS Spotlight.
Tags can be organized into folders.

# Web Trigger
Web Trigger is a new web automation feature in Surfed.
Run Shortcuts, open app schemes, perform background URL requests, inject JavaScript code, show notifications, copy to clipboard automatically, when browsing websites in Safari.
Checkout the gallery for easy to install pre-configured Web Trigger. Every web trigger can contain multiple actions which will be performed, when at least one trigger rule matches the criteria.
A trigger rule group can contain multiple search terms, with a lot of options.

# Statistics
Have an overview of your browsing activities.

Each browsing activity is stored with start and end time. Thus, different statistics can be generated. For each accessed web page a detailed overview with time and duration can be viewed.
Top Domains and Top Pages give an overview of popular web pages. Session Time shows which web pages have been visited the longest. Besides the sum of all days, a specific day can also be shown, by paging the date in the header of the list. Statistics view shows the sum of all activities for specific time periods. The day view is also available as a widget.

# Additional Features

Actions for tagging, searching and exporting.

Set recurring or non-recurring reminders for Websites.

Add a personal widget to your home screen.

Search your browsing history and send a link directly from iMessage.

Share Sheet
Import Links from everywhere and set tags or assign collections, favorite or flag or set a reminder.

Swipe through your Websites collection without leaving the app.

Add websites that should not appear in the history.

Find Tags and Collections on Spotlight.

Global Search
Find Tags, Collections or Links in the global app search.

Share, Import/Export
Share tags with links or a collection setup with others.
You can import or export tags (with containing URLs), collections and favorites.

Password Protection
Protect your browsing history and Surfed with your password. No one can see your browsing history, tags and collections.

Keyboard Shortcuts, Deep-Links, Search Syntax
Surfed will shipped with keyboard shortcuts for the most actions. With deep links you can open a lot of views with a URL scheme. Surfed has a integrated search syntax for faster filtering.

In-App purchase unlocks Pro features on iOS and Mac.

App Privacy:
Browsing history is private and personal. All data is stored only on your device and cannot be viewed by anyone else, including us.
Surfed does not collect analytics and diagnostic data.

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