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SP Voice – Ratha Sou

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Ratha Sou - SP Voice アートワーク SP Voice
Ratha Sou
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥300
リリース日: 2013年11月13日

Want to record voice memo in highest quality without any notice. This is the app that you need: SP Voice.
This is one of the best app for record conversations in any meeting without disturbing other.
No need to place in your pocket or beg, place your device close to the source of voice and record, no one know that you are recording the voice.

With SP Voice, you can record any audio voice without any UI controls appear while the device shows one of the fake backgrounds. Simulate that you are browsing the web, a blog or showing a still image while recording. Moreover, you can show, transparent, or hide all the UI controls to simulate a real spy experience. Addition, you can wirelessly remote this app via Apple watch.

• Automatic Mode: automatically do record action and other actions when app launch
• Support upside down interface for even better voice recording quality
• Highest quality voice recording by placing the device close to the source of voice
• Ability to limit audio recording duration
• Choose the audio quality between low, medium, high or best
• Save recorded files inside app private folder with passcode protection

• Playback recorded audio at different speed: normal, slow or fast
• Built-in audio editor to trim or delete audio data

• Screen is completely black to simulate the device is turned off
• Fake other people that you're on other activities by using fake backgrounds
• Alternative static image slideshow or dynamic rotating clock or interactive web browsing fake backgrounds
• Ability to your own image fake background
• Dimmed screen with zero brightness in black background
• Hideable all UI buttons on the screen
• Adjustable the visible of the UI transparency
• Make sure you tap the correct button with haptic feedback support

• No one can stop your recording by secure the recording and lock all UI buttons with passcode
• Support Touch ID and Face ID to unlock passcode
• Advanced passcode system can lock recorder UI buttons, lock app access when launch, and lock access recorded audio files

• Support cable and bluetooth earphone for recording and playback
• Wirelessly remote this app via Apple Watch

• Easy sharing from inside the app or use USB cable for iTunes Files Sharing
• Direct sharing recorded files to cloud storage

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