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Private LLM – Local AI Chatbot – Numen Technologies Limited

3月 06, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Numen Technologies Limited - Private LLM - Local AI Chatbot アートワーク Private LLM - Local AI Chatbot
Numen Technologies Limited
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥1,500
リリース日: 2023年6月5日

No internet? No problem!

Meet Private LLM, your private AI chatbot for iPhone, iPad and macOS, designed to make your life easier, more creative, and secure. With a one-time purchase and no subscriptions, gain access to a chatbot that operates entirely offline and on on-device on all of your compatible devices running iOS, iPadOS or macOS. Private LLM does not connect to the internet. All your conversations with Private LLM remain within the app, on your own device and completely confidential.

Have a friendly banter with Private LLM at any time. Ask for its opinions on anything. Ask it questions on history, science, trivia, or anything that you can think of.

Stay productive on the go with Private LLM's offline functionality. Summarize lengthy paragraphs, unlock creative ideas, and enhance your learning experiences, all without needing an internet connection. Plus, enjoy the convenience of sharing Private LLM with your family through Family Sharing.

Experience AI at your fingertips with Private LLM. Download now and say goodbye to subscription fees and privacy concerns.

Private LLM works best on iPhone and iPad models equipped with an A14 Bionic chip or later - essentially, the iPhone 12 series and any newer devices.
Additionally, Private LLM does not run on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max devices, because they're incompatible with Metal 3.0, which is required to run Private LLM.
On iPads, Private LLM works best on 10th generation iPad, 6th generation iPad Mini, 4th generation iPad Air, 5th generation iPad Pro, and any newer devices.

Private LLM for macOS works best on Macs equipped with the Apple M1 chip or later.

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