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Character Design Shuffle By Silver – Johnny Byrnes

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Johnny Byrnes - Character Design Shuffle By Silver アートワーク Character Design Shuffle By Silver
Johnny Byrnes
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥370
リリース日: 2013年4月8日

Are you staring at that blank page, wondering what to sketch?
Are you seeking inspiration?
Do you find yourself struggling with creating new ideas?
Do you get frustrated at times coming up with fun actions and expressions for your characters?
I am glad you are here, I made this for you.
Character Design Shuffle has been created to unlock your Artist Block while inspiring you to create your own Intellectual Property characters for Animation, Comics, Children's books, etc..

What does it do ……………………………It simply gives you ideas.
What does it do for you…………………It gives YOU lots of ideas to draw, improve your skills and share.

Given several slot-machine style spinning wheels with different character traits on them, you choose which traits to draw from, and then hit the “Shuffle” button and we’ll randomly choose those traits for you. You can choose just a few simple traits, like what type of character, gender, outfit, and an action for that character. Or get as detailed as their age, body type, and even art style, in addition to several additional expressions to give your character more personality.

You might get a Female Gopher in a Tarzan outfit tumbling, or a Tall Chubby Male crocodile, age 18-20, in a Santa outfit water skiing, drawn in a Primetime Animation style *and* additionally for the same character draw the expressions of “Overcome”, “Challenged” and “Proud”. We’ll also store the most recent 20 character sets, so you can look them back up if you get a bit spin happy and want to draw a character you’ve spun recently.

In addition to the app, I have put together a ‘Character Design Shuffle’ Facebook group, so artists worldwide can share their character designs with other artists and get feedback. You can upload your own character designs from your computer, or you can use the app’s Upload feature to pick a photo of your character and which character spin it goes with and we’ll upload it for you. (The app will ask for your permission to post to Facebook, but know that we only use it for this upload feature that you control.)

So get shuffling and unlock that creative block…


* Character traits can be locked or unlocked when you spin, so you can be given a very simple character, or a very detailed character to draw from.
* Over 20 Quintillion (that's 18 zeroes) combinations when spinning all categories.
* We’ll save the most recent 20 characters for you so you can look them up again later.
* Question mark buttons next to each character trait will attempt to look up the word on the Internet to help if you’re not clear on its meaning.
* Upload an image from your device’s photo library to the ‘Character Design Shuffle’ Facebook group once you’ve drawn a character you’ve spun.
* Visit the ‘Character Design Shuffle’ Facebook group from the app.
* Visit from the app to see other apps by Stephen Silver.

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