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Blue Vine Solutions, LLC - BUZL Voice アートワーク BUZL Voice
Blue Vine Solutions, LLC
ジャンル: 仕事効率化
価格: ¥300
リリース日: 2014年8月14日

BUZL Voice with talking reminders allows you to pre-record and use a voice message of your choice as the notification alert, which you will receive even when your app is closed, or if your screen is locked. You may record, save, and reuse multiple voice recordings.

With so many apps delivering notification sounds, it's easy to miss scheduled reminders. BUZL's custom and personalized voice recordings are a convenient way to receive distinct and descriptive notification alerts, while you have walked away from your phone, or if your hands are busy.. Repeating reminders (daily, weekly, monthly...) are supported.

What else can BUZL do? It is a quick and easy priority list to simplify the way you manage your tasks, and focus on what's important every day. View your priorities in one glance, reorder, and add reminders as needed. It's simple and effective task manager enabling you to declutter and minimize your todos, and get things done. Now you can collaborate on a task by using the built in share feature to share a task to a shared list on the Reminders app.

+ No visual clutter
+ Clear, intuitive, interface
+ Simple navigation
+ Fast and easy data entry and viewing
+ Generic list - use for personal or business tasks, groceries, pantry, work, school homework, teaching plans, etc.
+ Re-prioritize tasks/items with one click
+ Sort and search effortlessly
+ Perfect for busy people
+ Unicode characters supported. Works with foreign language character sets and dates.

+ Talking reminders (if enabled)
+ High, medium, and low priority tabs
+ One time or repeating reminders (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
+ Delete a task from your reminder notification
+ Tab badges show missed and expired reminders in each category
+ Order tasks manually or automatically by due date, difficulty, or task name
+ Perform task actions from your list (phone, messaging, email, website, maps)
+ Optional task fields include notes and photo
+ Reuse a task from the history tab
+ Export a list to email
+ New select feature (Edit, and click row) indicated by a green dot
+ Share a task to the Reminders app, and share that list with others. (Select a task in BUZL and share it with one click, allowing you to collaborate with others on a specific task)
+ Share one or more tasks to Files, Notes, iMessage, etc
+ Search task name or notes
+ Color coded dates and rows
(Blue rows for tasks with reminders, yellow rows show expired reminders you have missed, and orange shows the latest expired reminder)
+ Private - all content stays on your device, and nothing is ever transmitted over the network, so internet service is not required while using this app. (*Note that this app does not sync across multiple devices.)
+ Info button on every screen for detailed usage and description information
+ No ads, IAPs, logins, subscriptions, or tracking of any kind.

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Built in USA

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