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Trump White House Live Feed – Canty & Associates LLC

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Canty & Associates LLC - Trump White House Live Feed アートワーク Trump White House Live Feed
Canty & Associates LLC
ジャンル: ニュース
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2017年3月15日

The only way to get realtime updates from Donald Trump's White House. The White House sends out information across more than a dozen channels - social media, email, their own website, live video. There was no way to get the absolute latest, until now. Get alerted in realtime, including the instant he tweets... or the instant he deletes a tweet.

This app helps power, which documents every word Donald Trump has ever said. We needed an enterprise-grade solution to make sure we never missed a word. It came out so well, we decided to turn it into an app. It monitors, in realtime:

-- Twitter feeds (@realDonaldTrump, @mike_pence, @POTUS, @PressSec, @DanScavino, @scavino45, WhiteHouse, @vp)
-- This includes monitoring for any tweets that are deleted.
-- Facebook (WhiteHouse, POTUS, DonaldTrump)
-- Instagram (WhiteHouse, vp)
-- YouTube (WhiteHouse)
-- Snapchat (realdonaldtrump, whitehouse)
-- (Legislation, Speeches, Press Releases, Remarks, Live Video)
-- White House Press Office emails (public releases only)
-- Transcripts and AI analysis

The app sends notifications, which you can turn on and off in your notification settings (Settings -> Notifications), so you can be notified the second anything comes out of The White House. The feed links directly into the primary source, including the email, so you can hear exactly what is being said, no filters. You can control exactly what alerts you want to receive. Get them all, or just particular events (such as a deleted Tweet).

It's never been more important to know the instant new information comes out. Save time and have the confidence that you'll never miss a single announcement, without having to check more than a dozen places for anything new.

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