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iHikeGPS NZ : LINZ Topo Maps – James Associates Inc.

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James Associates Inc. - iHikeGPS NZ : LINZ Topo Maps アートワーク iHikeGPS NZ : LINZ Topo Maps
James Associates Inc.
ジャンル: ナビゲーション
価格: ¥400
リリース日: 2011年12月21日

Unleash the navigation potential of your iPhone or iPad with iHikeGPS NZ! Turn your device into a high-performance GPS receiver with New Zealand and Australia topo maps. These topo maps have many valuable back country details to keep you informed and safe.

Even in remote areas with no cell signal, iHikeGPS NZ ensures you always know where you've been, where you are, and where you’re going. Experience the ultimate hiking companion, offering unparalleled track recording, route navigation, and accurate Estimated Time of Arrival.

iHikeGPS NZ eliminates sign-ups, ads, subscriptions and in-app purchases, making it more affordable, hassle-free and respectful of your privacy.

Discover the limitless possibilities of iHikeGPS for tramping, biking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, geocaching, hiking, trekking, skiing, hunting, camping, sightseeing and 4WD exploring.


Record tracks as you walk, even in the background. View them on the map with a Trip Timer and Odometer.

View a elevation graphs of your tracks and routes. Show date, time, average speed and % grade. Measure the area inside a closed path.

Mark waypoints precisely using topo or satellite maps, place names or addresses, geotagged photos or by projecting from a known point.

Set a quick GoTo waypoint or a full route & see the heading, direction, distance, elevation change and Estimated Time of Arrival at your destination and at intermediate waypoints along the trail.

Create customized routes using waypoints, recorded tracks, or imported GPX, KML or TCX files. Advanced route editing.

Send GPX and KML waypoint, route, track and map list files via AirDrop, eMail, Messages, or iCloud Drive.

View the sun & moon position, rise times & set times for any date and place on earth.

Send data to other apps such as Google Earth.


Official Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) 50K & 250K scale maps, including NZ off-shore islands.

Official Geoscience Australia 250K scale maps. (No smaller scale maps for Australia).

Download using WiFi or cell service. Our maps are optimized to download faster and use less storage memory. Store a few maps or all maps for both countries to use in the wilderness without cell service.

These beautiful richly detailed offline topographic map images stitch together for seamless coverage across map boundaries.

Includes map legends.

Print and Share map images overlaid with waypoints, routes and tracks.

Measure distance and direction between any 2 points.


Kilometers, Miles, or Nautical Miles.
Meters or Feet.
Degrees, Degrees/Minutes, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds, UTM, or NZTM2000 grid.
°True or °Magnetic.


Comprehensive Help in the App
Online Manual on
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“This app saved my life! * * * * *

This app was downloaded, while lost in the Kaimai Ranges. GPS quickly located position, app quickly (ish) downloaded the relevant NZ topo map. From there easily identified position on the map. Outcome, life saved. And my mates who by this stage was getting all girly about it all. Best app ever!!!” - Jk9624 on the UK App Store

“I have used your ihike app for many years tramping in NZ. It is fantastic and absolutely the best off line navigation app out there.” - Paul, a internationally-known documentary film maker in Wanaka, New Zealand


Use iHikeGPS on any iOS device even if you don't have a cellular data plan for it. iPhones and WiFi+cellular iPads support full navigation. WiFi-only iPads and iPod touches can view maps, but require an iOS-compatible external GPS receiver to show your location and record tracks.

Join thousands of satisfied users who rely on iHikeGPS NZ for their outdoor adventures!

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