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Geocaching Toolkit iGCT Pro – BtStSoft

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BtStSoft - Geocaching Toolkit iGCT Pro アートワーク Geocaching Toolkit iGCT Pro
ジャンル: ナビゲーション
価格: ¥300
リリース日: 2012年3月26日

The iGCT PRO app is a toolkit that focuses on typical tasks performed during geocaching. Tasks like making a projection from a waypoint, determining a new waypoint using two other waypoints, determining the distance to these waypoints, calculating the value of a Roman numeral, and averaging waypoints are examples of what the toolkit can accomplish.

Imagine it’s lovely weather and you are walking in a beautiful surrounding. Walking with an intention, because you are geocaching and searching for caches.

Picture you are at waypoint 3 of a multi cache and you’re asked to go to waypoint 4, which is 300 meter from this waypoint and 700 meter from the previous waypoint. Now what? Go home? Imagine you have a skilful toolkit with you to find your way. Imagine you have iGCT PRO, because you want to be ready for all these kind of challenges.

Buy it now for a fixed low price (no in-app purchase necessary), since you never know if you have internet access the moment you need it most!
The choice is yours.

Complete feature list:

List of waypoints
- Averaging a number of GPS readings for accurate coordinates
- Manage a list of named waypoints
- Search/filter list of waypoints
- Show overview map with all (filtered) waypoints
- Manually add a new waypoint
- Edit latitude, longitude in WGS84, degrees, DMS, UTM, Dutch/Swiss XY
- What3words
- Compass navigation to selected waypoint

- Project new waypoint using distance/bearing
- Distance/bearing between two known waypoints
- Cross two wp/bearing lines
- Cross wp/bearing line with circle around other wp
- Cross two circles around 2 waypoints
- Determine wp with same distance to 3 other waypoints
- Cross two lines, each line connects two waypoints

Text to number
- Calculate the sum of the character values in one or more words, the sum of all digits in this sum and finally sum the digits once more to typically arrive at one digit.
- Choose between a=1, b=2 etc., the inverse a=26, b=25 etc. or the phone numbering abc=2, def=3 etc.

Various encryption and decryption methods typically used in geocache descriptions:
- Rotate characters by N positions
- Caesar (Rot13)
- Morse
- Vigenere

Convert between these number systems:
- Roman
- Decimal (base 10)
- Binary (base 2)
- Hexadecimal (base 16)

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