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Coordinates – Hunt Mountain Software

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Hunt Mountain Software - Coordinates アートワーク Coordinates
Hunt Mountain Software
ジャンル: ナビゲーション
価格: ¥100
リリース日: 2009年9月1日

Coordinates makes it a snap to convert between the three formats for latitude and longitude: decimal degrees, degrees and decimal minutes, and degrees-minutes-seconds, as well as UTM coordinates. Just tap the type of coordinates you have, enter them, and all four formats are instantly shown.

Locate yourself with GPS with a tap of a button, which also shows your current GPS precision. You can also copy or send your location, show it on a map, and get a bearing and direction to coordinates, which is great when you're hiking or boating.

Tap the list button to see a list of all your waypoints, and from that screen, you can export your waypoints.

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