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WU: AUPeakLimiter – Jens Guell

12月 15, 2021 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Jens Guell - WU: AUPeakLimiter アートワーク WU: AUPeakLimiter
Jens Guell
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2020年9月8日

The WU (Wrapped Units) Series audio units exposes the user interface of the systems Audio Unit and makes it available to all host applications that support AUv3 audio processing plugins. Even if those hosts do not support UI-less units. Use the effect, well known from GarageBand on MacOS and iOS with any host application and ensure consistent sound with all your projects.

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