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VADrum2 – Ryo Togawa

5月 25, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Ryo Togawa - VADrum2 アートワーク VADrum2
Ryo Togawa
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥900
リリース日: 2021年8月25日

VADrum2 is a virtual analog drum machine for iPhone, iPad and Mac. VADrum2 consists of drum synthesizer, effects and a sequencer. The drum synthesizer includes 27 drum voices, which are 23 virtual analog modules and 4 sample playback modules and they are inspired by the iconic analog drum machines of the 1980’s. The Effects includes delay, chorus, flanger, reverb, eq, and compressor. The sequencer offers ability to program 16 bar pattern per clip and parameter automation. Project files can be saved in iCloud Drive. VADrum2 works as a stand alone or as an Audio Unit Extension (AUv3). Stand Alone supports Ableton Link, Bluetooth MIDI and MIDI IN/OUT.

Main Features

Drum Synthesizer
- 27 drum synthesizer modules (24 virtual analog and 4 sample playback)

- 16 bar patterns per clip. Total 16 clips.
- Parameter automation.

Audio Export
- Linear PCM format (AIFF, WAV and CAF) and compressed format (AAC)

- Support iCloud Drive.
- Support Universal Purchase (Works on iOS devices and macOS devices)
- Support Ableton Link, Bluetooth MIDI, MIDI In / Out.
- Support Audio Unit Extension (AUv3)

System Requirements
- AudioUnit Extension (AUv3) requires host application which support AudioUnit Extension.
- AudioUnit Extension (AUv3) is supported by Apple Garage Band on iOS and macOS, and Apple Logic on Mac. For any other DAW, it depends on the application and some of them don’t support AudioUnit Extension (AUv3).

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