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Skym – ResGuide LLC

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ResGuide LLC - Skym アートワーク Skym
ResGuide LLC
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥400
リリース日: 2021年2月10日

Bring your Music to Life.

Skym is the ultimate producer's tool for real time, expressive sound design. Turn your iOS device into a dimensional midi controller and explore sound design crafted by pioneering producers and artists.

Skym works exactly like a midi controller you would plug into your DAW but at a fraction of the price. Instead of focusing on keys and notes and scales, we have put the focus on dimensional and expressive touch data, allowing the artist to translate gestures as clearly as possible. From this simple input to your DAW, the possibilities are endless. Explore our expertly crafted sound design by Somatoast, 5AM, Entangled Mind, Flotela and more.

Skym offers integrated control with Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio, and Logic Pro, but can be customized to work with any DAW, DJ Software, or Synth running on Mac OS. Skym can also be hooked up to control hardware Synthesizers.


Your Mac OS must be 10.11 or later
Ableton must be 10.1.13 or later
Bitwig must be 3.0 or later
Logic must be 10.0 or later

Skym is available for iOS only. Skym can communicate to Mac OS and Hardware MIDI only.
Skym does not work with GarageBand
Communication with windows is not supported.

Skym is a controller and does not make sound on its own.

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