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Prism MIDI Sequencer – Tyler Quatraro

6月 07, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Tyler Quatraro - Prism MIDI Sequencer アートワーク Prism MIDI Sequencer
Tyler Quatraro
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,300
リリース日: 2024年6月4日


A vibrant 16 track MIDI sequencer built for beginners and professionals, software and hardware, iPad and iPhone, on and off the grid, dubstep and ambient, Lizard Kings and Space wizardS!!, and just the kind of thing that may one day land on your deserted island. At least, that’s the goal! Whether you're crafting intricate beats, harmonizing melodies, or exploring new sonic landscapes, Prism offers a spectrum of flexible and astonishingly powerful tools to bring your musical ideas to life.

[Key Features]
- Creative Multi-Track MIDI Step Sequencer
- 16 tracks with unique drum and tone sequencing features
- Advanced tools including Arp, Harmonizer, MIDI Slicer, and Hue FX per track
- Seamlessly transition between integrated and modular workflows
- 512-steps per sequencer with specialized navigation for detailed control
- Organize ideas effortlessly with scenes, mute profiles, and patterns
- Customizable MIDI profiles to suit your workflow
- Go from chords->patterns->song in minutes

[Sequencer Capabilities]
- 8 patterns per track, with individual pattern lengths up to 16 bars
- High resolution with 1/32 step and 512 trig steps per pattern
- Time scale multipliers, swing options, and polyphony settings
- Customizable trig conditions and step offset options for more organic grooves
- Three playback methods: Standard, Overlap, and Trig Legato
- Versatile live-recording modes with quantize options
- Integrated 'Tape style' MIDI Slicer and Looper per track/pattern

[Tone Track Features]
- 8 scale modes ensuring all MIDI transformations remain in key
- Four note input modes: Standard Poly, Chord Simple, Chord MultiMode, and Chord Blocks
- Five innovative MIDI flow methods: Standard, Peek, Echo, Melt, and Mirror
- Host of MIDI shaping tools: Filter, Harmonizer, Arp, and Hue Sequencer

[Drum Track Features]
- 16 independent Prism sequencers per drum track
- Modular linking options and advanced layering techniques
- Six MIDI directing and sharing methods, including unique Drum to Tone interactions
- Customizable drum profiles for universal connectivity

[Advanced MIDI FX & Tools]
- Dedicated Arp per track/pattern with 16 customizable steps
- Comprehensive Fuse Filter per track/pattern for detailed MIDI manipulation
- Eight sequential Harmonizers and Hue Sequencers per song
- Integrated MIDI Looper and 'Tape Style' MIDI Slicer for creative remixing
- Extensive features for crafting sophisticated chord progressions

[General Specs]
- Available as an iOS AUV3 for iPhone & iPad
- MultiTouch keypad matrix and sequencer for intuitive control
- Dark and light graphic themes to suit your preference
- External MIDI in/thruput support and comprehensive internal/external host saving
- Optimized workflow with extensive copy, paste, mute, and select options
- High precision with 480 PPQN

Designed to dazzle in simplicity and depth, Prism empowers you to experiment, play and ponder with ease.

Happy Creating Y’all,

- A Mortal Mage

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