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NERD Synth A2x – AudioKit Pro

5月 11, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

AudioKit Pro - NERD Synth A2x アートワーク NERD Synth A2x
AudioKit Pro
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥700
リリース日: 2024年4月11日

Legendary Red Virtual-Analog Synth
Inspired by the classic sounds of the Nord Lead A1**
This is not a Rompler. This is a SYNTH. 

"This is not a clone, this is BEYOND the hardware, it's a completely new, fantastic beast" 
– Jade Starr, How to App

"I’m impressed. The sounds are FAT, the effects are LUSH, and the interface is a JOY to use." 
– Audio News Room

"An excellent captures the soul of the Nord Lead A1 Synthesizer" 
– Synth Anatomy

"An iOS-based homage to a virtual analogue classic!"
– Music Radar / Keyboard Magazine

Not imitation, it's Innovation!

With Nerd Synth, you’ll have access to all 40+ of the classic lead A1 waveforms!
Plus, we gave it some RAW MODERN POWER.

FULLY LOADED w/ 450+ presets by Analog Matthew, Electronisounds, DMT Cymatics, Moby Pixel, Red Sky Lullaby, Sound of Izrael, and more
NOTE: This is a synth, and contains no hardware preset samples. All presets are completely original.

One low price includes Lifetime License and all Features
Easy to use. Easy to get great tone!

• 64-voice, Retro VA-Synth
• Include all 40+ of the Nord A1 waveforms
• Arpeggiator! Classic Hardware-style Arp, with extra features
• Vintage-style Step Sequencer that can be routed to specific layers
• A proper filter envelope ADSR!
• 3 LFOs. Fun Routings. LFOs can modify other LFOs
• TouchPads! 2 fun assignable pads,

-= Create NORD-style SUPER SAWS =-
++ Four-voice Unison with the tap of a button
++ 3 different algorithms: Regular, HYPER, and BEAST!

"Astoundingly great sounding and intuitive synth app!"
– The GarageBand Guide

Modeled sound: It's like a time-capsule. Imagine if there were iPads in 2003?
Complete with that "cold" VA sound that ruled the dance floors and stages

• FX: Glorious Reverb, Analog Tape Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Crush, and more.
• On board "Record" button, no external hardware required
• Works with a MIDI Keyboard

• "SUPER FM" wild pitch drop controls! Modeled after digital VA-Synths, complete with vintage digital aliasing for old-school vibe!
• Crazy aggressive RING MODULATION distortion – It's like robots talking, or fighting? You decide!

• iPad version has "stacked" views for maximum onscreen control!
Tap the current Nav Button at the top to change the bottom view
• This is a Premium App: No iAP, No Ads, No subscriptions!
Use as a plug-in in DAWs like GarageBand & Logic for iPad, Cubasis, AUM, and more!

This is not a hardware clone, it's a completely new synth.
If you're looking for a ROMpler like the "Stage" series, this app may not be for you. This is a SYNTH, not a rompler.
All the presets here are new and original. Giving you fresh new sounds that are completely tweak-able
This is not a 1:1 clone and will not load hardware presets.

Please note that this app's sound is closer to the A1, which is a different sound from the NL1/NL2X.

** This app has no affiliation or endorsement by Clavia DMI AB. This app is not a clone of any their synths, including the Nord Lead and Nord Lead A1. While we were inspired by their wonderful and iconic work, this app is not trying to copy those synths. We created something completely new. It's a synth for synth nerds :)

LEGAL STUFF: All product names and images, trademarks and artists names are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with the creators of this app, including AudioKit, AudioKit Pro, LLC, and the other contributors. Product names and images are used solely for the purpose of identifying the specific products related to synthesizers, sampling, and sound design. Any use of these names and images does not imply any cooperation or endorsement by Clavia Digital Musical Instruments. Nord Lead, Nord Lead 2X, Nord, and Nord Lead A1 are Clavia trademarks and properties. We appreciate their amazing work in creating such classic and inspiring instruments.

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