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Needlepoint – Vinyl Simulator – Unfiltered Audio

11月 23, 2022 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Unfiltered Audio - Needlepoint - Vinyl Simulator アートワーク Needlepoint - Vinyl Simulator
Unfiltered Audio
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥800
リリース日: 2022年11月21日

Unfiltered Audio's Needlepoint is now available on iOS as a Standalone app or AUv3 plugin!

Unfiltered Audio raises the bar (and lowers the tonearm) with Needlepoint: a revolution in vinyl simulation. Continuing the retro themes of their smashed-up hit lo-fi-af, Needlepoint presents a full platter of advanced physical modeling to dive deep into the warm, fuzzy sound of turntable noises and artifacts beloved by many. Of course, since this is an Unfiltered Audio plugin, you can push the needle far past realism and dive into some seriously warped sounds.

While many vinyl plugins are content to use looping samples of noise, Needlepoint uses physical modeling to achieve its incredible sound. Needlepoint synthesizes all sorts and sizes of detritus and distress on a record: hair, dust mites, scratches, warping, etc. These are not randomly modeled, but rather accurately distributed onto a rotating, algorithmic platter. Changing the speed of the record can greatly change the nature of Needlepoint's impact on your sound. While you may be used to vinyl RPMs like 33 1/3, 45, and 78, have you ever wondered what it would sound like to tempo sync a turntable to your DAW? Now you can!

Beyond noise, ambience, and tone, Needlepoint includes other effects to fully etch out your vibe. A single knob compressor (inspired by lo-fi-af's PRESS knob with six additional algorithms) can be added before or after the signal chain. This compressor can emulate algorithms from famous hardware samplers associated with vinyl, or even mimic the sound of analog distortion introduced by the vinyl pressing process. A BROKEN mode emulates a broken record a broken record a broken record a broken... Where were we? Oh right, a BROKEN mode acts as an unpredictable looper by jumping the grooves on your recent audio. You can automate the mode's toggle to create all sorts of cut-up and glitchy phrases.

No vinyl plugin would be complete without a SPINDOWN button that creates that classic vinyl stop (and start!) sound. Here you can control the rate of the spindown to better fit the effect into your mixes. Finally, at the end of the processing chain, Needlepoint features a granular pitch shifter to help you achieve that chopped up vibe without needing to manually change the speed of your tracks.

Despite all of these features, Needlepoint is incredibly easy to use. With a beautiful interface and an extensive set of presets, Needlepoint will help you itch that nostalgic scratch that your tracks need.

As an AUv3 plugin, Needlepoint has been tested to work perfectly with Garageband, Drambo, AUM, Cubasis, Beatmaker, Nanostudio, apeMatrix, Loopy Pro, and more! Additionally, with its clear layout and smart resizing, Needlepoint can be used on tablets and phones with ease.

(Note for Drambo users: Drambo does not yet have automatic Plugin Delay Compensation for managing plugins with latency. As a result, tracks with Needlepoint will not line up properly with other tracks. An upcoming patch for Drambo will add this feature in.)

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