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MusicFolder 2 – Seven Systems Cross-Platform Media Limited

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Seven Systems Cross-Platform Media Limited - MusicFolder 2 アートワーク MusicFolder 2
Seven Systems Cross-Platform Media Limited
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2018年4月4日

Simple, no-frills music player for "oldschool" users who have a music library based on a folder structure instead of tags / metadata.

This app is DECIDEDLY SIMPLISTIC and does NOT HAVE A LOT OF FEATURES! However, those features that it DOES have work GREAT!

IMPORTANT: You cannot use MusicFolder to play music from the regular "Music" app. Instead, you use the iPhone's "Files" app to copy your folder-based music library from your computer (or anywhere else) into MusicFolder.

- Supported file formats: mp3, mp4, m4a, aac, alac, wav, adts, ac3, aiff, aifc, caf, snd, au, sd2.
- GAPLESS PLAYBACK for all file formats.
- Straightforward playlist concept: the playlist always simply consists of all songs in the current folder and its subfolders.
- Fast interactive PLAYLIST SEARCH.
- Smart folders that show your most listened to or most recently played songs.
- GESTURE-BASED CONTROL, no need to look at the screen: swipe up/down to shuffle, swipe left/right to skip, double-tap to play/stop.
- Interactive SCRUBBING through the current song with the realtime seek bar.
- Configurable behavior at the end of a song and on remote control events (headphones / Control Center): skip or shuffle.
- Simple music library transfer and management using the iPhone's Files app.
- Optional AUTOMATIC CONVERSION of newly added WAV files to AAC (various quality levels available) or ALAC (Apple Lossless).
- Full remote control support for headphones and Control Center.
- Full AIRPLAY support.
- Supports portrait and landscape orientation.
- Selecting a photo from your photo library will auto-generate a theme based on the photo's color structure.

IMPORTANT: The app is STRICTLY for FOLDER-BASED libraries and does NOT support ANY kind of tags, cover art, or other metadata inside files. However, for people keeping their music library organized in folders "the oldschool way" and seeking a simple, stable, gapless-capable, no-frills portable player, this app is a godsend!

Let us know if you have any suggesions or issues via our support page!

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