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Mellotron XL – Markus Resch

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Markus Resch - Mellotron XL アートワーク Mellotron XL
Markus Resch
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,200
リリース日: 2013年11月5日


This is the official and the only Mellotron app with sounds from the original library. It contains 18 sounds from both the Mellotron and Chamberlin library, emulations of the characteristics of different Mellotron and Chamberlin models plus a reverb.

This instrument supports Core Midi, Audiobus output (Audiobus 2 & 3) and midi input (Audiobus 3 only).

The Mellotron is a keyboard instrument that uses magnetic tape to play back recordings where each key has one tape. When you press a key, the tape starts and the corresponding pre-recorded note or sound is played back. When you release the key the tape is quickly rewound back to the start point.

Invented in 1950 by the American, Harry Chamberlin, it became popular among recording musicians when it was manufactured in the UK as the "Mellotron" (a hyphenation of "melody-electronics").

Before the introduction of digital samplers, this was the only way for keyboardists to play real instrument sounds like strings, flutes, rhythm ensembles and sound effects from a keyboard instrument.

Few people know about Mellotrons and Chamberlins, but almost everybody has heard the sounds they produce. Among the most well-known tracks are BeatIes "Strawberry Fields Forewer" (flute), Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin" (3 violins), Oasis "Wonderwall" (cello), Radiohead "Exit Music for a Film" (choir), Lana del Rey "Ride" (Chamberlin flute).

We at have collected, conserved and improved Mellotrons since 1989, and have been making tape Mellotrons since 1999 (the MkVI and MkVII). Please check out our website for a more complete history, real hardware instruments, our new digital M4000D Mellotron and M4000D Mini, tapes from the original masters, parts, service and lots of more info.

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