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King of Digital | Hybrid Synth – AudioKit Pro

11月 09, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

AudioKit Pro - King of Digital | Hybrid Synth アートワーク King of Digital | Hybrid Synth
AudioKit Pro
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥600
リリース日: 2023年11月8日

Epic 64-voice Virtual Analog / PCM iPad Synth
Inspired by the Digital Synths of the 80s, 90s, 2000s

FULLY LOADED w/ 900+ presets by Analog Matthew, Brice Beasley, DMT Cymatics, Moby Pixel, Red Sky Lullaby, Jakob Haq, Electronisounds (Dean Daughters), Sound of Izrael, Brian Funk, and more

"A Perfect Synth" - App Advice
"Fans of the D-50, JD-990, 01/W, Wavestation... Rejoice!" - Music Radar

Includes iPhone, iPad and iOS AUv3 versions:
Use as a plug-in in DAWs like GarageBand & Logic for iPad, Cubasis, AUM, and more!

The Sound. Oh, the sound. You won't believe it.

BONUS: This app is packed with 5 PCM banks of sounds, including the Digital D1 PCMs, and D1 Expanion bank.

This is a Premium App: No iAP, No Ads, No subsciptions!
One low price includes Lifetime License and all Expansions!

• 64-voice Hybrid Digital PCM & VA Synth
• 3+ Gigabyte of original samples recorded from analog & fm synths over 30+ years old
• Space-saving Compression - The whole app is under 500mb!
• Dual layers per voice. Keyboard splits
• Vintage-style Step Sequencer that can be routed to specific layers.
• 3 LFOs. Fun Routings. LFOs can modify other LFOs
• iPad version has "stacked" views for maximum onscreen control!
• Too many features to mention...

• 900+ Handmade presets, lovingly crafted by human sound designers, no AI!
• FX: Glorious Reverb, Phaser, Digital Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Crush, and more.
• Perfect with a MIDI Keyboard

*** BONUS ***

"D1 Sounds awesome... Get this app!"
- Sonic State, Featured D1 on Podcast & Live Video Stream

"Digital D1 synth is pure ‘80s and ‘90s digital lushness"
- Computer Music/Music Radar

"Beautiful. Lush. Modern and Amazing… An Instant Classic."

Easy to use. Easy to get great tone.

You want great sound right away? It has tons of presets.
Plus, the ability to easily manipulate sounds with filters, delays, and other FX.

"The Best Synth For iOS [period]"
"I've been playing synths for 35 years. And, this is as good as it gets"
"The Sound... Perfect!"
"Breathtaking Presets, right out-of-the box"
"The sound quality competes with hardware synths"

• Mod Wheel can morph between layers. Start with an Electric Piano, and slowly bring in Strings with your MIDI controller.
• Create beautiful live performances using a MIDI keyboard
• Epic pads that will inspire you

** This app does not sample any PCM-based synths, including Roland or Korg digital keyboards. Additionally, this app does not have any business relationship with Roland, Korg, or any other 80s/90s Digital Synth manufacturers.

*** All app sounds were created by pure analog synthesis and fm synthesis. We took these new sounds. Stacked them. Flipped them. And, processed the heck out of ’em. Resulting in a beautiful new sonic palette for you to enjoy.

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