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Gap Click by Benny Greb – Kick Snare Hat Apps, LLC

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Kick Snare Hat Apps, LLC - Gap Click by Benny Greb アートワーク Gap Click by Benny Greb
Kick Snare Hat Apps, LLC
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥400
リリース日: 2020年6月9日

Benny Greb, well known for his contributions to the drumming education community, shared the approach he has taken to develop his sense of groove and improve his timing on his instrument in his course "The Art and Science of Groove." Now with the Gap Click app, everyone can practice his method easily using this intuitive app!

Unlike standard metronomes, which only provide time, Gap Click helps you improve your sense of time. Gap Click is more than a metronome that focuses on improving your ability to keep tempo, become more aware and comfortable with off-beat clicks, and become bulletproof and accurate with all notes of the subdivision.

By scrolling through the numbers of bars and patterns, you can quickly configure a "gap" of time in which the metronome drops out. When the "one" comes back around, will your playing still be in time? How long of a gap can you play through and still maintain a solid tempo?

Next, you can experiment with all kinds of off-beat patterns in the Gap Bar, which moves the click from the downbeat position to a different location. Can you still play your instrument and maintain the downbeat internally even when you hear the click sound on an off-beat?

Both the "click" and the "gap" portion supports various syncopated patterns, allowing you to practice in binary or ternary rhythms - with more or less safety depending on your settings.

• Ability to choose from various syncopated patterns and the number of measures for both the standard "click" and the "gap."
• Use the nostalgic click wheel to find the right tempo or tap to set your desired tempo from 10 to 300bpm
• Standard quarter-note time signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4
• Support for VoiceOver ensures Gap Click is fully accessible to users with visual impairments

• See visual feedback for each note or rest that the metronome plays
• Accent beat 1 of each measure or turn accents off for a more significant challenge
• Flash the screen for a visual indication when switching between the "click" and the "gap" sections
• Find your favorite sound from a variety of click samples hand-picked by Benny

Buy Once, Use Forever
• There are no In-App Purchases - a one-time purchase includes all current and future features.

What professionals are saying about GAP CLICK:
• "The skills you can sharpen by using this app are integral for what it takes to be a professional drummer in any genre." - Matt Halpern
• "When I first opened the app, it made (simple) sense, without a tutorial." - Chris Coleman
• "This app helps you lock in the pocket on a whole different level." - Luke Holland
• "The Gap Click app is something that every drummer should have in their toolbox." - Jared Falk, Drumeo

What our users are saying about GAP CLICK:
• "If you think you have good timing, this will really put you in your place."
• "Gone are the days of programming gap clicks!"
• "I've never had so much fun being destroyed in my practice session."
• "This is by far the best money I've ever spent on a practice tool."

Benny Greb is one of the most respected drummers in the world today. Not only has he headlined nearly every major drum festival and toured with his clinics and drum camps worldwide, but he is also recognized as a composer and bandleader in his band Moving Parts, which won him the renowned "ECHO Jazz" award - the German equivalent to The Grammys in jazz.

Benny Greb published two of the most successful and critically acclaimed educational products, "The Language of Drumming" and "The Art and Science of Groove," He has helped create many signature products available to drummers today.

Find him online at as well as on social media.

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