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FAC Punchlab – Frederic Corvest

1月 23, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Frederic Corvest - FAC Punchlab アートワーク FAC Punchlab
Frederic Corvest
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥1,300
リリース予定日: 2024年1月23日

• Combine essential dynamic effects for effortless sound crafting
• Enhance your mix quickly, boosting its natural impact and presence
• Elevate your drums with punch and unique character
• Shape your sound with BOUM, emphasizing resonant tonality
• Infuse life with Fizz, a dynamic noise modulator
• Add saturation to achieve rich, harmonically driven tones
• Maintain clarity with a versatile clipper and final limiter
• Personalize your signal flow by rearranging FX positions
• Low latency with optional oversampling
• Waveform view of the pre and post signal
• Advanced Responsive Design, portrait and landscape views
• AUv3 for iOS (iPad/iPhone)

Looking for that extra punch and energy to make your mark in the crowded music scene? Look no further – FAC Punchlab is your solution, an all-in-one super audio rack with 9 precision audio processors, ready to energize and revitalize your sound!

FAC Punchlab, your sonic atelier, empowers you to design and showcase the unique characteristics of your instruments:

• ATTACK: Sharpen your beats and enhance the attack for a crisp, dynamic sound that cuts through the mix
• BOUM: Dive into self-oscillation territory, crafting resonant tonality for your kicks, snares...
• EQ: Sculpt your sound with precision, bringing out the richness in low and high frequencies
• FIZZ: Infuse your sound with dynamic digital textures and movement by introducing noise or sine modulation
• HEAT: Harmonic exciter for rich, driven tones
• PHAT: Add warmth and character to your tracks, bringing them to life with a touch of analog-style saturation
• TONE: A Shelf filter to control the tonal balance, coupled with an LPF/HPF to set the boundaries of your sound
• CLIP: Maximize the loudness, maintain clarity and avoid the pumping effects associated with heavily limited signal
• MIX: One single dry/wet control to blend each effect independently, with an optional brickwall or hard limiter

The signal flow is not fixed; you can customize it as you wish by rearranging the positions of each audio processor, excluding clip and mix. Simply toggle the flow button and drag the FX to your desired position.

Whether you're a novice in music production or an avid amateur musician exploring various genres, this tool is sure to ignite your creative spark!

- AuV3 and Standalone App

The documentation is available at

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