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Auto Fills Drum Fill Generator – Cem Olcay

2月 03, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Cem Olcay - Auto Fills Drum Fill Generator アートワーク Auto Fills Drum Fill Generator
Cem Olcay
ジャンル: ミュージック
価格: ¥900
リリース日: 2024年2月2日

Auto Fills is a random MIDI generator app for creating drum fills for your drum synth apps or hardware synthesizers. It works as an Audio Unit AUv3 plugin with the supported host apps such as AUM, Loopy Pro, Logic Pro, Cubasis, Nanostudio, apeMatrix etc.

In Auto Fills, you are working with a drum kit. You can either create the kit by adding drum parts and assigning them MIDI notes/channels yourself, or you can select a kit templete from the settings menu for an app or hardware for quick setup.

- In Kit mode, you can assign a probability value to each drum part.
- In Velocity mode, you can assign a velocity to each drum part, and you can also introduce velocity variety for them.
- In Duration mode, you can set the drum fill length as well as the waiting time before and/or after the drum fill, in beats or bars.
- If you've set "wait before the fill" and/or "wait after the fill" durations in the Duration mode, the drum fill won't be played during the waiting periods.

If you have a favorite drum sequencer, you can route it through the Auto Fills, before the drum app, like
- Drum sequencer -> Auto Fills -> Drum App

And you can block the incoming MIDI from the drum sequencer during the drum fill.
You enable the option in the Duration mode by toggling "block incoming MIDI during the fill" option.
You also have an option for randomizing the drum fill on every cycle.

Assigning probability values is crucial in the Kit mode. If you want to hear a specific drum part mode, just increase it's probability. If you would like to hear a drum part less ofter, just decrease its probability. If you set a probability to zero, it won't play in the drum fill.

- Density knob leaves out notes from the drum if you decrease its value. It introduces rests in the drum fill without regenerating the fill.
- Voices knob sets the maximum number of drum parts can be played at the same time (polyphony). The algorithm chooses a value between 1 and the maximum voice count randomly on every step of the drum fill.
- Rate note sets the speed of the drum fill.
- Generate button lets you regenerate the drum fill. Changing the kit by adding/removing parts, probabilities and voice count also regenerates the fill automatically.

Auto Fills is a MIDI app and it does not produce it's own sound. You need to route Auto Fills MIDI out to an audio app's MIDI input in order to hear the voice.

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