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Scrubbed Medical Question Bank – Aykut Unsal

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Aykut Unsal - Scrubbed Medical Question Bank アートワーク Scrubbed Medical Question Bank
Aykut Unsal
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥800
リリース日: 2013年10月15日

Medical training is a long road, full of challenges and hardships. Having been there ourselves, we know there is nothing worse than being unprepared when you're on the floors or in the operating room and are posed with a series of challenging clinical questions. You know, it's that dreadful part of medical education that can make you appear completely clueless or turn you into a superstar. Fear no more!

Welcome to Scrubbed. The first and only free crowdsourced clinical question bank that allows the medical community to share the most relevant clinical knowledge from a diverse range of medical specialties.

Join our community today to begin browsing and sharing questions, currently used by thousands of medical professionals from around the world.

Things you can do on Scrubbed:
• Browse multimedia flashcards filled with high yield clinical content
• Create your own clinical "pimp" style questions to keep on hand, and share them with others
• Follow others whose questions you find useful
• Provide meaningful feedback by up/downvoting and commenting on content
• Search the question bank to find content quickly
• Bookmark your favorite questions for easy access later

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